In order to promote and enhance the higher standard
living for the Indonesian people in education , medical
and environmental protections
Ark Kunsakti International Holdings Company Group is an International Private Holdings Company., also known
as  A'Kunsakti Group.  A'Kunsakti Group is focusing the business in Indonesian development  program by
following the Indonesian Central Government and Autonomy Infrastructures Development Program in purpose to
accelerate the Indonesian economic growth, and  assist the Indonesia to increase the prosperity , live and
economic status.

In order to promote and enhance the higher standard living for the Indonesian people in education, medical, and
environmental protections through the Indonesian Investment Development Program. As the bridge of  this
brilliant opportunity, A'Kunsakti Group has participated and coordinated some Indonesian Development Projects
for potential investors to invest and corporate in the Indonesian Investment Development Program, as follows:

*  Infrastructures : Power Plants, Telecommunications, Toll Roads, International Harbors, International Airports,
                        Dam,  Water Treatment,  Railways, Long Bridges (over islands),  etc;
*  Integrated Economic Development Zones,  
*  Integrated Industrial Zones,
*  Energy, Oil and Gas,
*  Mining sectors such Gold, Manganese, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Coal, Iron ore, Iron sand, and more,
*  Integrated Fishery Industry,
*  Agriculture and husbandry  Industry,
*  Tourism Industry.  

Our main priority is  to assist the development of the Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (SMEC)  
in Indonesia  by creating and empowering their business opportunities., working together along hand in hand
with experienced international corporations, combining  with the systematic development program to maximizing
the human and natural resources in producing the high quality productions and most important is to have and
able to function the high technologies,  educated, and be autonomous in facing the global era.

A'Kunsakti Group is also not limited to the profit oriented business only, but also create coordination for the social
economic projects with investors as :
*  Schools, Human Resource Training Program, Academies and Universities
*  Medical Care, Health Programs, Clinics, and Hospitals
*  Orphanage shelters, Elder shelters, Disable shelters, etc
*  Other related to social economics matters

A’Kunsakti Group is an International Business Organization, provides coordination services for member
companies as:
*  Consulting, Financing, Investment, Contractors, Trading, Product Distributions, Export Import, etc.